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In case of a doctor's error or any other related medical negligence, it is difficult for the affected patient to gather evidence and prove a strong case against that error on their own. This is where our medical malpractice lawyers step in and take charge. The Hastings Law Firm has the expertise,...

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There is a certain level of trust involved between a patient and medical professionals. But when that same patient experienced negligence or malpractice on the medical facility's or healthcare provider's part, they are the ones to suffer. The effect surpasses the psychological condition and usual...

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We understand the suffering and pain one experienced when they become a victim of blatant medical negligence. Be it medical facility's malpractice or the physician's carelessness, the injuries and effects of such an event require attention and equitable compensation. This is why our attorneys and...

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Were you aware that the most common and often overlooked cases of doctor's negligence involve newborns? While some birth injuries are short term, others can cause grave harm and even long term impact on the newborn, mother or both. Depending on how a healthcare professional completes a delivery a...

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With instances of emergency surgeries, it becomes difficult to perceive between medical malpractice and fate. Such operations require split second decision making on the medical staff's behalf and often are initiated with the signing of agreement to all the procedures. However, if post surgery, d...

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Before submitting a lawsuit against a physician, it is imperative to establish to the jury that will be hearing the case that the standards of medical care were infringed. This will mean calling in expert counsel of medical malpractice attorneys, who can take into account your medical history and...

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Not all medical negligence cases are about money. There are countless medical facility lawsuits where the negligence on part of the medical care providers was horrific and life threatening. The famous Dana Carvey heart surgery case is just one of those instances that speaks for itself. Our team o...

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Before you pursue a medical negligence or a malpractice lawsuit, it's critical to understand what the process entails. As an example, wrong diagnosis or delayed diagnosis, surgery accidents, trauma and even wrong medications are sometimes not enough to sue a hospital, let alone a physician; you n...

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Though most medical care providers are qualified and skilled, medical errors on their part can happen and can result in catastrophic injuries, disabilities and even death. The extent of damage that a doctor's negligence can cause is extreme. If you have been a victim of interior care or know some...

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2 months ago
I had worked with Snapka Law Firm for almost 6 years. Very nice and personable. They kept me informed and up to date on my claim. Kathy worked and got me a very nice settlement. I would recommend this law firm to anyone with the same case.
- Debbie O
2 months ago
Snapka Law Firm is so easy to work with. Every single person I dealt with was friendly and compassionate. Even though some lawsuits can take a long period of time, Snapka reached out regularly to check on me and update me. When dealing with this kind of stuff you expect stress and complications yet with Snapka, I had neither! I would recommend Snapka Law Firm to everyone.
- Erin O
2 months ago
Above and beyond my expectations..really! I can’t thank these guys enough. My case was a little complicated. Thank you Kathy and Craig who fought for me and worked so hard for it, for being open and honest with what I was facing. Thank you to Linda who made sure nothing was left uncovered and for your very caring but professional personality. I know it wasn’t easy but you made it seem so. Again I can’t thank you all enough!
- Tracey F

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Near You

If you've been injured by medical negligence then you need to hire one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in San Antonio Texas. Kathy Snapka and her team at the Snapka Law Firm have decades of experience handling medical injury and doctor error lawsuits.

Texas law allows a patient who has been harmed by medical malpractice to recover money for the harm that was done. First, if the patient was injured, he or she can recover for economic losses such as lost income, medical expenses, and other expenses that the patient has or will incur due to the malpractice. Additionally, the client can recover for the emotional harm, and suffering that he endured. These damages, known as non-economic losses, are limited to $250,000 per defendant under the law for a maximum of $750,000.

All to frequently hospitals and healthcare providers do not live up to the standard of care. They get sloppy, and careless, and quit listening to their patient. Some quite frankly just don’t care at all. Money is their concern, not the patient. In short, they not only breach the standard of care, but breach the sacred trust placed in them and cause needless injuries or death. Over 100,000 patients are killed in hospitals each year in this country due to medical malpractice. Our lawyers have tried many medical malpractice cases including multi-million dollar verdicts against doctors and a medical facilities.

How to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Texas

You may ask, “Do I have a case?” We look at the answers to three basic questions.

First, did the health care provider breach a recognized standard of care? That is, did he do, or fail to do something that a reasonably prudent doctor (or other healthcare provider) should have done under the circumstances. A doctor is permitted to make mistakes in judgment because medicine is an art, not a science on many decisions they make. Further, not every bad result is due to medical malpractice. Sometimes, bad things just happen even though the doctor uses appropriate care. However, there are recognized standards of care which must be followed, just like there are when we drive our cars. If the doctor runs the “medical red light” in these situations, and violates the standard of care, then he is negligent.

Second, if we assume the doctor did something that was legally wrong, that is to say he was negligent, did this cause the patient to suffer harm, or to die. Thus, a medical expert must be able to prove the medical error made a difference in the outcome, or caused the patient to suffer harm as a result.

Third, even if there is a case, is it going to do the client any good in the end to take the case? Medical malpractice cases are very expensive. As mentioned, medical experts must prove the case. They charge thousands of dollars to review the records and medical literature. When they testify, they charge a lot of money because they must take time away from their practices to give their opinions. Thus, if the cost of bringing the case is so high that the client will not be able to be fairly compensated at the end of the case, then it makes no sense to take the case. I take cases on a contingency basis, meaning he must believe there is a good chance to win the case in order to even get the expenses he advances on the case back. Thus, he limits the cases he takes to a select few.

Surgical Errors
  • Wrong surgical procedure on a patient
  • Surgical instrument or foreign object left in patient after surgery
  • Death after surgery in a normal healthy patient
  • Wrong limb or wrong patient operated on
Care Management Events
  • Medication Error That Causes Death Or Serious Harm
  • Medical misdiagnosis
  • Transfusion of the wrong blood type
  • Errors associated with labor or delivery on a low-risk pregnancy which causes death or serious injury
  • Birth Injury such as failure to identify and treat jaundice in newborns
  • Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers acquired after admission to a healthcare facility which cause death or serious injury
Environmental Events
  • Electric shock and burns which causes serious harm while being cared for in a healthcare facility
  • Any incident in which a line designated for oxygen or other gas to be delivered to a patient contains the wrong gas or is contaminated by toxic substances
Patient Protection Events
  • New born baby discharged to the wrong person
  • Patient disappearance for more than four hours that causes death or serious injury
Defective Medical Device Injury
  • Patient death or serious injury due to use of contaminated drugs, devices, or biologics provided by the healthcare facility
  • Patient death or serious injury because a device used in patient care malfunctions in some manner, or is used in a manner that was not intended.
  • Death or serious injury due to an intravascular embolism that occurs in a healthcare facility

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